About Us

We are a one-stop-shop global ticket marketplace, providing resale tickets to over 10,000 active events around the world. Tickets are for all types of events, from live music concerts, to theatre, to stand up comedy shows to the latest and largest sports games and much more.

Tickets listed in our marketplace go through one of the strictest vetting processes in the ticketing industry, ensuring you are protected and only receive genuine and authenticated tickets for your event. Only the most trusted and qualified ticket sellers are able to be part of our inventory.

Our promises

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Low fees

We have industry low fees on our orders and a service fee cap to ensure fees always remain reasonable.

Low prices

We offer transparent pricing and constantly review our prices to ensure our ticket prices remain low and competitive within the secondary ticket market.

Free shipping

Ordered physically tickets? No problem, orders are sent via recorded FedEx and there is no additional charge for the shipping.

No download fees

No hidden transfer or download fees on e-tickets.

No sneaky tricks

We do not do any sneaky tricks like artificially manipulating the ticket price, only to slap on a 30% fee after the checkout process. Just low genuine prices and one small processing fee. That's it.